Coffee vs Energy Drinks

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You've probably been wondering what the truth is about the health effects of coffee vs energy drinks. We've done some digging to find out what the truth is about the differences between the two popular sources of caffeine and which one is truly best for your body. You may be surprised at what we discovered–it's all detailed below!

Coffee vs Energy Drinks –Which Is Better For Your Health?

So, when it comes to coffee vs energy drinks, which is the healthier choice? Though they are both capable of providing significant energy boosts, coffee is a more natural choice that has been studied extensively and proven to pose no health risks when used in moderation. Energy drinks, on the other hand, are still in question.

Energy drinks often have a flavor that is sweet, much like candy, while black coffee has a more bitter taste, making it harder to stomach for many people. However, if you can learn to accept this natural source of caffeine over the sugar-induced spurs of energy that energy drinks provide, you'll find that it's much easier on your system. Coffee is the clear winner here.

5 Reasons Coffee Is Healthier

#1–Coffee Has 0 Calories

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Caffeine is great for its ability to give you an energy boost, raise your metabolism, and lift your mood–so much so that it can become routine and even addictive. If you have acquired a taste for black coffee, you'll be happy to know that black coffee contains zero calories. With black coffee, you get to experience all the energizing benefits coffee can provide you without all the unwanted calories. Energy drinks, on the other hand, usually contain calories that come mainly from their sugar content.

There are some zero-calorie energy drinks on the market. But although they have a low-calorie count, scientists say they are just as unhealthy and pose the same risks as energy drinks that do have calories.

#2–Coffee Is Natural

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Coffee is a natural substance as compared to energy drinks, which are manmade and contain all sorts of preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals that provide very little–if any–nutrition for the body. Some believe that coffee cultivation dates back as far as A.D. 575. Its uses and benefits have been studied for a very long time, and its popularity in society is still withstanding today.

The continual threat of cancer these days has doctors recommending that we be wary of everything we put into our bodies. It's believed that consuming natural foods is one of the best ways to help preserve our bodies through our diets–and for this reason, coffee is more highly regarded than energy drinks in the health and fitness community.

#3–Energy Drinks Contain Lots Of Sugar

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A glaring difference between coffee vs energy drinks is the amount of sugar in each beverage. It is said that on average, the amount of sugar in your typical non-zero-calorie energy drink contains the equivalent of 13.5 teaspoons of sugar–this is outrageous! Too much sugar has harmful effects on the body, and the amount of sugar contained in energy drinks is the reason why they are notorious for their tendency to cause you to "crash."

All the sugar you get from energy drinks gives you instant energy that lasts for a short time and causes you to feel drained and tired once the energy runs out. Black coffee is sugarless, and can give help you sustain an event level of energy that does not cause you to "crash" once the caffeine runs out.

#4–Overdose Is More Likely With Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks have been somewhat controversial in recent years due to reported instances of energy drink overdose, especially among teenagers. Some victims who have reported heavy energy drink usage have suffered from heart attacks or even experienced kidney damage. Experts believe this is in part due to the way energy drinks are consumed as compared to more social drinks like coffee. While coffee is meant to be sipped on and savored, energy drinks are consumed more quickly, delivering caffeine into one's system at a rapid rate.

What is even more concerning is that some people tend to form addictive habits with energy drinks. Usage of the drinks may lead to physical dependence on stimulants and even binge drinking, increasing the risk of adverse side-effects from consuming too much caffeine.

#5–Coffee Has Healing Properties

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Studies have shown that coffee can actually help prevent Type 2 Diabetes through its ability to help increase both insulin and glucose levels. And coffee's health benefits do not stop there. There are several diseases that evidence suggests coffee helps to prevent and treat. In the case of energy drinks, unfortunately, the same things cannot be said.

More Research Supports The Health Benefits Of Coffee

When it comes to coffee vs energy drinks, coffee has stood the test of time, has been proven safe, and is backed by a lot of research. Coffee has been drunk throughout history and undergone extensive studies; whereas energy drinks have only just become popular in recent years. Some historians believe coffee was cultivated as early as A.D. 575.

There have been studies conducted to determine the effects energy drinks have on the body, but they are nowhere near as comprehensive as the studies that have been done on coffee. Thus, when making a choice between coffee vs energy drinks, choosing an energy drink can sometimes feel like a health gamble.


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