The Bialetti Coffee Maker: Pour-Overs, Percolators and More

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This past summer, I took a trip to Italy with my family. I was enjoying the sights, food, and culture when I came across a coffee maker that I never saw before. It was a small, aluminum pot that heated coffee on the stove. The woman who made the coffee was a friend we were staying with. She showed me how to make the coffee in this pot. As a lifelong coffee drinker, this was a new experience for me. However, once I had my first cup of coffee from this pot, I was hooked. In my opinion, it was one of the best cups of coffee I ever had. I later learned what the pot was. It was a Bialetti coffee maker.

These coffee makers are popular in Italy, but they are sold worldwide. The Bialetti company has made a name for itself as a leader in reliable and functional coffee makers.

What Is the Bialetti Coffee Maker?

A Bialetti coffee maker, manufactured by the Bialetti Company, has a reputation for excellent quality and high performance. According to this website, The Bialetti Company, founded in 1919, was started in Italy by Alfonso Bialleti, who began his journey by opening up a workshop and making semi-finished goods in aluminum. He then invented the Moka express coffee maker in 1933. It revolutionized the way Italians made coffee. Since then, it has become an international company, specializing not only in coffee makers, but in kitchen appliances, cookware, and bakeware as well.

What Bialleti Offers

Bialleti coffee maker have different types, including the pour-over, french press, stove-top, cold brew, and capsule systems. Besides the coffee makers, the company has a wide selection of cookware and bakeware, including pots, pans, griddles, and pizza stones.

How We Reviewed Bialetti Coffee Maker

We looked at ratings and reviews of each coffee maker on Amazon and compared the ratings and reviews to other websites, such as and We also looked at the product features to make an accurate review of each coffee maker.

Pour Over Coffee Makers

The pour-over coffee maker is considered an Italian twist to a rising trend in coffee making. It is ideal for people who want a more controlled brewing method. Furthermore, It comes in three designs: the plastic pour-over, porcelain pour-over, and pour-over carafe. ​

Plastic Pour Over

Bialetti 6751 2 Cup Plastic Pourover Coffee Dripper, Black
  • 2-Cup Pour over Coffee Dripper In Plastic
  • 8 Sided Bialetti Moka Design
  • Allows Full Control Of Brewing Time And Temperature

The Plastic Pour-over is the highest rated of the three coffee pots. Its filter holds two cups of coffee, it has an eight-sided design and allows full control of brewing time and temperature.

Customers say that it is durable, light, and makes a smooth and satisfying cup of coffee. Customers also liked that the coffee doesn't have a plastic taste. Unfortunately, other customers don't like that it is difficult to find a filter that fits the pour-over, and it is not suitable for beginners because the bottom of the pour-over will fall off if they pour the coffee too quickly. You can find it on Amazon,, and at stores such as Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.

Percolator-Type Coffee Makers

The percolator-type coffee maker is reminiscent of the classic design that has been around since the first Bialetti coffee maker, the Moka Express, made its debut in 1933. This coffee maker makes a rich espresso in minutes and is ideal for those who like a high-quality cup of coffee that is low maintenance. It comes in four designs: the Moka Express, Break, Brikka, and Stainless pots. 

Moka Express

6 Cup Moka Pot (Mocha Pot) - Stovetop Espresso Maker - The Perfect Stove Top Italian Coffee Maker - Sisitano
  • Food Grade Aluminum - Resilient and durable, the entire Moka Pot was crafted for a long lifetime of coffee with you. It gets better as our Aluminum is double polished and Food Safe to ensure your perfect coffee every time.
  • Fire Resistant Handle - Our handles are Electric and Gas Stove Compatible, they're capable of taking the heat in any case. You'll always be safe, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy it in the Sisitano way.
  • Super Smooth Seal - We wanted to provide you with extra safety as you make your favorite brew in the morning. So, we've updated our seals to ensure they prevent the leakage of deliciously hot coffee or steaming hot water while percolating.
  • A Gift Worth Sharing - Our Moka Pot can be a great addition to any budding coffee aficionado’s set for brewing coffee. To ensure an enjoyable experience we created a booklet as a guide on how to use the Moka Pot.
  • You're Helping Make An Impact - as our saying goes - "When its time for coffee," your Moka Pot can be brought with you in its reusable bag, for coffee anywhere and anytime. No need to worry about pods or capsules wasting away since used coffee grounds can be used for a multitude of other projects. Like fertilizer for your garden, as a natural scrub, or even for dyes!

 This coffee pot is resistant to heat and has a leak-prevention feature. It comes with 12 pencils to make designs in the coffee, a measuring spoon, and a clip to keep your coffee bags closed. The pot is made of aluminum and safe for both gas and electric stoves. You can make six espresso shots with one pot of coffee.

Customers say it is a great quality pot that makes delicious coffee. The pot has no negative reviews on Amazon, but there are only 12 total reviews, so it is possible that the rating will go down. You can find it on Amazon and at stores such as Target, Bloomingdale's, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Furthermore, you can find the six-cup version of the pot on

French Press Coffee Makers

Bialetti French Press Coffee Maker, 8 Cup, Preziosa Stainless Steel
  • Produces 8 cups of rich, authentic coffee
  • Made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Dishwasher Safe

The French press offers the simplest way to make quality, traditional coffee, and the Bialetti French Press is no different. The Bialetti French Press comes in three designs: the Preziosa, Simplicity, and Trendy

Preziosa French Press

The Preziosa has 48 customer reviews, compared with the Trendy and Simplicity, that both have 32 reviews. The higher number of customer reviews makes the rating for the Preziosa the strongest rating of the three designs. This coffee pot, made of 18/10 stainless steel, also has a heat-resistant borosilicate glass cylinder and makes 3-12 cups of coffee and has a signature handle similar to the Moka Express.

Customers say it has a beautiful design, makes a great cup of coffee, and is durable. Unfortunately, other customers said that it breaks easily, the top fits poorly, and it makes less coffee than it claims to make. You can find it on Amazon and at stores such as Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can also find the eight-cup version on

Bialleti Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Bialetti Cold Brew Coffee Maker 06765 – Glass Carafe & Stainless Steel Mesh Filter – Compact, Portable Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker & Tea Infuser – Best For Coarse, Ground Coffee, 24oz,Black

With only one signature design, the cold brew coffee maker is for fans of the emerging coffee trend. Cold brew coffee is 65 percent less acidic than regular coffee. Customers said that it is simple to use, durable, and makes coffee that is less bitter than traditional coffee. However, some customers said that it has a poor design, and the coffee grinds have to be very coarse, or the coffee mixes with the grinds. You can find more info about other bialetti coffee maker models on,, and at other stores such as Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Bialleti Capsule-System Espresso Makers

The Bialetti capsule-system espresso maker is for those looking for a reliable, sleek, and quality single-serve espresso machine. It comes in two designs: the Diva and Mini Express. 

The Diva

The Diva has an adjustable height tray to accommodate different sized trays, a touch-sensitive button with two programmable options, and a 20-bar high-pressure system that results in the perfect Italian espresso shot.

Customers said that it is an exceptional machine. However, some customers said that it arrived defective, and makes "weird noises" while making the espresso. You can find it on Amazon.

Bialleti Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

The Bialetti automatic drip coffee maker is similar to other drip coffee makers, with an added sleek and classy design signature to the Bialetti brand. It comes in two distinct designs: Stainless Steel Programmable coffee makers and Triple-Brew coffee makers. 

Stainless Steel Programmable Coffee Maker

Bialetti (35041) 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black Stainless Steel
  • 14-CUP COFFEE MAKER: Simplify your busy mornings with advanced features & design. Powered with a 1,200 watt brewing system & programmable up to 24 hours in advance, this unit brews great quality coffee that is ready when you are.
  • VERSATILE & ECONOMICAL: Reduce waste with the 1-4 cup setting & sustainable & reusable permanent filter basket. Easily customize your brew strength & also enjoy the option to quickly pour a cup while on the go with the convenient pause & serve feature.
  • PROGRAMMABLE & CUSTOMIZED: Program up to 24 hours in advance & wake up to fresh coffee exactly how you like it with variable brew strength settings. It also features automatic shutoff, easy view reservoir & special cleaning cycle
  • FUNCTIONALITY & STYLE: We’ve been advancing the art of cooking with simplicity, functionality & beauty for nearly a century. Try our coffee makers, tea kettles, carafes, cookware, toasters & kitchen appliances.
  • BIALETTI DISTINCTION: We began in Italy & have become a leading brand around the world. Our advanced technology & distinctive styling combine to create cookware that’s easy to use & beautifully styled.

The stainless steel programmable coffee maker is the highest rated out of the two coffee pots. It has a 1200 watt brewing system, variable coffee strength, an automatic shut off, and is programmable for up to 24 hours in advance.

Customers said that it makes better coffee than other automatic drip coffee makers and has a very nice design. Unfortunately, some customers said that the parts are not interchangeable, and the machine lasted less than a year. You can find it on Amazon and at Kohls.

How Does a Bialleti Coffee Maker Stand up Against Competitors?

The Bialetti coffee maker have a lot of similarities to comparable coffee makers, but they also have unique qualities when put side to side with a competitor. The main factors we looked at when comparing the coffee makers were features.


The Nespresso Machine has quickly become a symbol of luxury in coffee worldwide. We compared its newest design, the Vertuo coffee maker and espresso machine, with the Bialetti Diva. At first look, they have more similarities than differences. They both have adjustable trays, used capsule containers, removable water tanks, and digital pour buttons.

However, the Nespresso machine has some additional features, including an energy-saving function and a computerized scanning system that reads every capsule to ensure specific brewing. Furthermore, the Nespresso water tank is twice the size of the diva, and its width is twice that of the diva. Lastly, it is more expensive than the Bialetti coffee maker.

Bodum French Press

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, 34 Ounce, Black
  • Add coarsely grounded Coffee. Add hot water. Wait 4 minutes. Plunge.
  • No paper filters or plastic capsules required.
  • Base and handle made of BPA-free polypropylene. Carafe made of German heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Plunger made of stainless steel
  • 34 oz. capacity.
  • Dishwasher safe.

The Bodum French Press is on the list of the top ten French Press coffee makers of 2018. We compared the Bodum Brazil French Press coffee maker with the Bialetti French Press simplicity design. Both coffee makers are very similar. They both brew eight cups of coffee, are made of stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and plastic handles.

The main difference is in the design. The Bialetti has a stainless steel lid and glass base, whereas the Bodum Brazil has a plastic lid and base. Lastly, the Bodum Brazil is cheaper than the Bialetti coffee maker.

Toddy Cold Brew

Toddy Cold Brew System, 1 EA
  • The Toddy Cold Brew System is our original cold brew pioneer, a nonelectrical coffee maker that produces a smooth, rich liquid concentrate used to make unparalleled cold brew at home
  • By allowing time to replace heat, Toddy's deceptively simple cold water filtration process extracts the coffee bean's true delicious flavor, leaving behind much of the undesirable acidity
  • Concentrate brewed in the Toddy Cold Brew System is the perfect foundation for delicious iced and blended frozen drinks, or serve steaming hot. Our versatile BPA-free system can also be used to cold brew artisanal tea
  • Get more out of your coffee grounds, as the coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to 2 weeks with no change to the flavor
  • Set includes brewing container with handle, glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 silicone stopper, set of instructions, and NEW brewing container lid

The Toddy Cold Brew is in the list of top ten cold brew coffee makers of 2019. We compared it with the Bialetti cold brew. Both coffee makers make both cold brew coffee and tea, and they brew the coffee for 18 to 24 hours, for best flavor. The difference is in the design of each coffee maker. The Bialetti has one container that does it all. Its full carafe stainless steel mesh filter extends the whole length of the carafe, fully saturating all the grounds for an even-balanced coffee concentrate.

However, the Toddy cold brew has a set of four items that come together to make the cold brew. The items are a brewing container, glass decanter, reusable filters, and rubber stopper. Lastly, the Toddy is more expensive than the Bialetti coffee maker.

Are The Bialetti Coffee Maker Worth Investing In?

When deciding whether or not to invest in a Bialetti coffee maker, it's important to consider what you're looking for, and what kind of coffee maker you need. For example, if you want a french press, then it's not worth the investment because the Bialetti french press is similar to other brands that are more inexpensive.

However, if the cold brew coffee maker is more of what you're looking for, then the Bialetti cold brew is worth the investment because it is less expensive than other top brands, without sacrificing quality. Each model is different, with their own pros and cons. Before you invest in a Bialetti coffee maker, look at price, quality, and features.

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