Hi, I’m Miley Croft, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Start Your Day With Coffee.

Like many people, coffee fuels my day, but my love of coffee has grown into a never-ending quest for the perfect cup. I’ve honed coffee skills as a home enthusiast and a barista. I’ve toured coffee plantations in Central America and worked with some of the most renowned coffee roasters in the country. I also have spent years learning about the consumer-side of the coffee world, from home brewing equipment to the best travel mugs. Today, I blend my coffee passion with my career as a writer and editor.  I’m thrilled to connect people with the most in-depth coffee news, bean tastings, and product reviews.

There’s much more to this site than me, though; Start Your Day With Coffee features the work of a team of like-minded coffee connoisseurs. Together we brew up the most pertinent information on the latest coffee trends. If you’re looking for new ways to make your morning mug of coffee taste better, we can point you in the right direction. Stumped on which espresso machine to buy? We have all the reviews and comparisons you’ll ever need. Our mission is to spread the glory of coffee. Every good day starts with a cup of coffee in our minds, and we know many people share our coffee passion. We can never get enough coffee, so let us sip our way through the world of coffee together. We promise to help you savor every drop of your coffee experience.

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